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Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet access. A wireless technology used to connect computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet, Wi-Fi enables Local Area Networks (LANs) to operate without cables and wiring. It is a comprehensive term for multiple technologies that use the IEEE 802.11 communications standards to create LANs. The fundamental components of a Wi-Fi network include a Router, which aids in managing the traffic among the devices on the network, a wireless Access Point to provide radio-connection between the router and the local wireless devices and a Modem that connects the local network to the wider internet.

Now even after over 20 years of its inception, Wi-Fi still continues to grow. Making possible advanced applications for different services, Wi-Fi has come a long way to bridge the digital divide between areas, by playing a platform for free internet access.

Challenges in the industry

Lack of tools,
offering visibility
and comprehensive
Struggle to provide
authorization and
Costly to scale
Incompetence to
deliver the promised
productivity and the
best-possible RoI
Absence of
Complexity in


We bring in simplification in operations.

H8's carrier-grade Wi-Fi Service Management Platform provides Wi-Fi infrastructure-management and its remote trouble-shooting, quick deployment of networks and E-2-E value-chain visibility.

We deliver Wi-Fi connectivity to end-users and connected devices under multiple business-models, implement advertising strategies and facilitate Wi-Fi access wholesale deals.

H8 comes as a vendor-agnostic platform that offers a cloud-based architecture for centralized network management and brings to service-providers a wide array of authentication methods and monetization options.

Our multi-tenant and multi-hierarchy support simplifies network-segmentation in a Wi-Fi set-up and its high scalability.

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