Broadband: FTTH/FTTx

Providing with a reliable internet-connection, Broadband is the high-speed transmission medium of wide bandwidth data for homes and businesses. Based on different technologies, the most common types of broadband-connection are cable, fibre-optic, DSL, fixed wireless and satellite.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) has transformed the digital landscape by delivering extremely high-speed internet straight to residences. Apart from blazing-fast internet, FTTH Broadband enables superior bandwidth capacity, cutting-edge scalability, improved productivity and a supreme user-experience

Challenges in the industry

Big operating
Problems in
delivering parallel
billing systems
Possibility of
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Limited potential
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in operations


We bring in simplification in operations.

We deliver a comprehensive but modular platform that provides a single view into all operations and for all levels of management.

We empower customers to take control of their own experiences with broadband.

We offer a purpose-built set of solutions to deliver a seamless operator and customer-experience.

Open architecture allows the FTTH and FTTx service-providers to develop, integrate and control their capabilities.

We offer an easy integration with other back-office systems to enable completely automated service-delivery to subscribers, convergent billing system, online charging system and hosted PBX and SIP trunking platform within a single UI for admin.

We offer our solutions in both, Cloud-based or on-premises, models.

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