H8 Cloud BSS/OSS

H8 provides a flexible Cloud Platform for ISPs to deploy their business-critical solutions. With the most effective and customized cloud services, we enable ISPs to reduce the cost of hardware, software and maintenance, deploy new applications and services quickly and enjoy the ability to scale up or down easily, as per the changing market-conditions. In a nut-shell, our cloud-based solutions slash the time and money for the service-providers that they need to devote to manage services and have significantly reduced operational expenditures.

H8 assists the service-providers to have data-synchronization with their CRM Systems. We can optimize their existing cloud-solutions by consolidating infrastructures, modernizing legacy environments and streamlining specific resources. Our cloud-services support network-system, network-performance, network-configuration and network-diagnostics for them. We develop and deploy browser-agnostic, future-proof and highly scalable cloud-applications. We integrate server-side programming and big database functionality to create high-performance carrier-grade solutions on cloud.

Our cloud services can facilitate Broadband Management, Wi-Fi Management, Triple Play Solution, Device Management and all our other offerings seamlessly, without letting any additional burden of CAPEX and OPEX fall on our clients.

H8 Cloud BSS/OSS Products

Subscriber Management

Franchisee Management

Device Management

Real-time BI Reporting System

Data Plan Management

Billing and Invoicing


Mobile App

SNMP-based OLT, Switch and Router


  • Single & unified portal for all the operations, needed by ISPs
  • Faster time-to-market, through continuous integrations & continuous deployments
  • Complete automation of business processes
  • Real-time visibility of subscriber-information
  • Auto-scalability and agility in the system
  • High availability
  • Reduced operational cost with near-zero downtime
  • Efficiency-maximization of NAS
  • Stoppage of revenue-leakage
  • Full professional support
  • Minimal need of technical knowledge to run the system

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