Leased Line

A leased line is an allocated circuit between two points of communication. Conceptualized in response to hitches and glitches faced while working with shared and traditional networking models, a Leased Line connection comes as a dedicated connection, assuring a specified level of quality, without carrying any possibility of third-party communications. Leased Line Management represents high-performance reliability, diversity and service-levels by automatic routing even during times of service-disruptions, backed by proactive monitoring aimed at delivering a highly robust and reliable solution. It allows CSPs to tailor connectivity-solutions that meet their specific business-requirements.

With ascertained Leased Lines, businesses gain continual and stable connectivity to transfer, transact and process data, even across off-site locations.

Challenges in the industry

Growing need for
high-speed communication
in the
Unused Leased
Lines as a huge
problem in management
of Leased Lines
High demands
of symmetric
100% uptime with
billing options


Height 8 Leased Line Management Software facilitates in Easy Customer Management with Lead Management, Customer-acquisition, User-migration and much more.

Our software aids service-providers in managing their Leased Line customers with precise control on symmetric bandwidth and QoS.

We ensure live status of subscribers for quick issue-resolution and enable 100% up-time with customizable billing options in delivering the highest levels of Leased Line services.

Our Leased Line software helps the service-providers manage their inventory seamlessly and easily across multiple channels and devices.

Finance-tracking, Auto-invoicing, Indexation, multiple user-accounts to access information, Compliance and Advanced Reporting form significant elements of our Leased Line Management services.

Our software comes with in-built security and facilitation of seamless integration to modern networks, with negligible disruption to critical operations during migration.

We ensure No Downtime with Multi-path Redundancy and Unclogged Core.

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